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2015 Fall Assessment Results

TAGME is proud to introduce 14 new members who successfully passed
assessments for initial certification. In addition, 50 current TAGME members
completed the Maintenance of Certification assessment to keep the C-TAGME
credential current for an additional 5 years. Congratulations to all!

Mary Jane Cahill

Denise MussehlAnesthesiology
LaDonna EplingAOA-GME Professionals
Julie CampbellChild Neurology
Amy WolfChild Neurology
Rose AldenDiagnostic Radiology
Patti HorvathDiagnostic Radiology
Tammi Teeters-McDadeDiagnostic Radiology
Denise LesniakEmergency Medicine
Denise TorianiEmergency Medicine
Deborah BeezholdFamily Medicine
Joan CoxFamily Medicine
Kierstan GardnerFamily Medicine
Stephanie GatesFamily Medicine
Lucia Montemayor LaraFamily Medicine
Kimberly MarkwardtFamily Medicine
Kathyln SmithFamily Medicine
Mairanna WatsonFamily Medicine
Linda FerrieGeriatric Medicine
Laura GiibsonGeriatric Medicine
Angelia BerkleyGeriatric Psychiatry
Amber PearsonGeriatric Psychiatry
Shiela JulinGME Professionals
Kristine ZimmermanGME Professionals
Carole GornyInternal Medicine
Tammy HillInternal Medicine
Teresa KusInternal Medicine
Anna MancaInternal Medicine
Lorna MatosInternal Medicine
Sandra OrdonezInternal Medicine
Gail WallInternal Medicine
Barbara WanciakInternal Medicine
Sandra YaichInternal Medicine
Rebecca YoungInternal Medicine
Pamela HritzkowinInternal Medicine/Pediatrics
Mary Sarah ThanasInternal Medicine/Pediatrics
Maria Ann ProkopNeurological Surgery
karen SaulleNeurological Surgery
Shannon DarrahNeurology
Joyce MullinsNeurology
Belinda OrtizNeurology
Tanya DormanOB/GYN
Sandra KardosOB/GYN
Toni HaddadOphthalmology
Wendy SchnitzerOphthalmology
Sandra Vera ErbyOrthopaedic Surgery
Vicky NortonOrthopaedic Surgery
Lisa ThompsonOrthopaedic Surgery
Christine TutschOrthopaedic Surgery
Stacey ThompsonOtolaryngology
Lisa LaChancePathology
Rebecca HasegawaPediatrics
Elizabeth PaynePediatrics
Mary DukePhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Kathy HohPlastic Surgery
Jeanne WatsonPlastic Surgery
Deborah AndersonPsychiatry
Leigh Ann BarnsPsychiaty
Pamela SearlesPulmonary Critical Care
S. Darlene NortonSurgery
Joan ReeserSurgery
Claire TravisSurgery
Quinn TurnerTransitional Year
Beverly ShipmanUrology


TAGME Congratulates
Julia Panzo and Tammy Stallings have been named recipients of the 2016
ACGME Award for GME Program Coordinator Excellence for their in-depth
understanding of the accreditation process, excellent communication and
interpersonal skills and projects to improve residency programs. They will
be honored at the upcoming ACGME Annual Education Conference in National
Harbor, MD in March, 2016.


TAGME is Changing to Meet Your Needs!
TAGME has certified graduate medical education professionals since 2005.
During this time, many changes have developed in GME, and in August at
the Annual TAGME Board of Directors meeting, TAGME moved in a direction
that will allow our GME community to keep pace with these changes....


TAGME Continues to Move Forward

As the leader in certification for GME professionals since 2005, TAGME is
acutely aware of and strives to keep pace with the evolution of graduate
medical education. Along with changes to the certification process, TAGME
has also modified its leadership structure. To ensure appropriate representation
for all TAGME-certified coordinators, including those who will be globally
certified, the leadership framework has been redesigned to reflect the ACGME
Review Committee structure.

TAGME has established Certification Review Boards (CRB) which includes
Hospital-based Specialties, Medical Specialties, Surgical Specialties and
Institutional Specialties. The Chair of each CRB is elected by the members-
at-large of the specialties and sub-specialties that make up a particular CRB
and is a voting member of the TAGME Board of Directors. The CRB is
responsible for managing any specialty-specific certifications offered by the
the specialties under their board. Each specialty will be a "member" of a CRB.

Hospital-based Specialties:Anesthesiology, Diagnostic Radiology, Emergency
Medicine, Medical Genetics, Nuclear Medicine, Pathology, Preventive Medicine,
Radiation Oncology, Transitional Year, as well as any related sub-specialty.
Chair: Kathy Dixon, C-TAGME (Diagnostic Radiology)
Members-at-Large: Lisa Turner, C-TAGME (Emergency Medicine), Debora Schilling, C-TAGME (TY)

Medical Specialties: Allergy and Immunology, Dermatology, Family Medicine,
Internal Medicine, Neurology, Pediatrics, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation,
Psychiatry, as well as any related sub-specialty.
Chair: Dorothy Winkler, C-TAGME (Psychiatry)
Members-at-Large: Amy Harris, C-TAGME (Gastroenterology), Cheryl Moss, C-TAGME (Family Med)

Surgical Specialties:Colon & Rectal Surgery, Neurological Surgery, Obstetrics
and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery,
Thoracic Surgery, Urology, as well as any related sub-specialty.
Chair: Vicki Norton, C-TAGME (Orthopaedics)
Members-at-Large: Tamika Williams, C-TAGME (Urology), Linda Shaffer, C-TAGME (Surgery)

Institutions:ACGME and AOA-accredited institutional GME.
Chair: Michele Fort, C-TAGME (ACGME)
Members-at-Large: Kerrie Jordan, C-TAGME (ACGME), Dawn Yenser, C-TAGME (AOA)

Specialty Review Boards (SRB) will remain a key component of the Board
of Directors. Three (3) members will be selected by the specialty to represent
their interests on the appropriate CRB. Each CRB will be responsible for
maintaining the specialty-specific certification tools.
Please direct your questions or comments to info@tagme.org .


TAGME is on LinkedIn! Open to all currently certified TAGME members, we
have created this Group to promote the discussion of certification, professional
development, educational opportunities and related matters of interest.


Mission: To assure a comprehensive level of services, training, knowledge and leadership through certification for the administration of graduate medical education programs

Vision:The National Board for Certification of Training Administrators of Graduate Medical Education programs has been created to establish standards for the profession, to acknowledge the expertise needed to successfully manage graduate medical education programs, and to recognize training program administrators who have achieved competence in all fields of their profession.